Shifted: Tonesa


Shifted intends to disrupt, undermine, and challenge the viewers preconceived notions about the African-American women through candid dialogues that uncover the inherent art of code switching.  During the recorded interviews the survival skills and experiences of the each African-American woman are petitioned in order to reveal the unwavering yet invisible task they must undertake without complaint. The women are asked a series of questions during the conversation and what I find to be the most telling responses are chosen to represent the woman in collaboration with her portrait.


Today cultural code switching has taken on a more nature than its predecessors. Acting as an echo from the past that ties each new generation to the one before. These videos explore the impact of racism and sexism on black women in American society. In contrast to the portraits that accompany the work the videos are not controlled. Provoking conversation about how the world views African-American women and transforming the ideas of how she sees herself.